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I still remember the very first time I tried Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. I had just moved to Colorado and was out to get snacks with my gorgeous new friend, for a girls movie night in. I couldn’t believe the wall of flavours I was hit with. I wasn’t much of an ice cream fan back then (crazy, I know!) but from my very first mouthful of Mint Chocolate Chunk (yes, it was that eventful I still remember my very first flavour) I was a Ben and Jerry convert. De-licious! 

Fast forward to about 2 years ago when I discovered Ben & Jerry’s had come to Australia. Brenton and I were driving and on the side of the road, outside a gourmet deli, was a little sign: We sell Ben & Jerry’s here. Well poor Brenton almost had a car accident because of the crazy screaming coming from the passenger side. Needless to say we pull over and bought about four pints. We’ve still only got about a quarter of the flavours here in Australia but that still doesn’t stop me always having some in the freezer.

Long story short, you can tell I love Ben & Jerry’s. So  you can I was SO excited to discover a gorgeous bunch on bloggers were making a ‘real food’ version of their favourite Ben & Jerry’s flavours.

  1. Americone Dream Blondie Sandwiches
  2. Cherry Garcia Cake
  3. Chunky Monkey Sandwich Cookies
  4. What a Cluster Bars
  5. Karamel Sutra Cupcakes
  6. Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Cookies
  7. Phish Food Pie
  8. Coffee Heath Bar Crunch Swirl Cookies
  9. Chocolate Therapy Cake
  10. Everything but the… Cake
  11. Everything but the… (Kitchen Sink) Brownies

Don’t they just look amazing!? Makes me want to dive into a pint right now.


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  1. Ooh, love this post! My favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor is the Oatmeal Cookie Chunk…I like the idea of turning an ice cream flavor back into a “real” dish. Also, I just found your blog and it’s adorable!

    • Laura | The Velvet Doe says:

      Ohhh yum! I haven’t yet tried that flavour, I’ll definitely have to check it out :) I think it’s an awesome concept. Maybe you should make the Oatmeal Cookies and see if they taste anything like the ice cream. Aww thanks so much, I hope you enjoy it :)

  2. OK – Ben and Jerry’s is never kept in our house – simply because that is all that I would eat. hehe But now I might just have to buy some this weekend. We don’t get loads of flavours here but I would have to say Phish Food would have to be my all time favourite!!

    • Laura | The Velvet Doe says:

      Oh man Phish Food is defintely up there in my Top 5! So delicious :) Defintely buy yourself some as a treat this weekend ;)

  3. Dashelle says:

    I didn’t know you lived in Colorado! When was that? Yum I actually had Ben & Jerry’s for dinner on two separate occasions in the US. Ben was disgusted! Haha :)

    • Laura | The Velvet Doe says:

      Back when I was a youngin’ in 2005/2006! Haha brilliant love that kind of dinner :) Brenton went out and bought some the other day and finished the whole pint himself, in one sitting!! I didn’t give him any sympanthy when he felt sick later on haha! Hope you’re well lovely xx

  4. Katy Potaty says:

    Stop it. Just stop it now, you’re killing me! It’s breakfast time and I can’t eat icecream for breakfast. Can I…?

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