So it’s our first Christmas together {as a married couple} and we’re not having a Christmas Tree. *wahhhh*

We made a ‘mutual’ decision not to get one because we have to move not long after Christmas and it’s just an extra thing we’d need to worry about.  I still desperately want to make my place at least a little bit Christmas-y so I went searching for some ‘non-Christmas Tree’, simple-ish inspiration to inspire me {and hopefully you!}.

1. Gingerbread Advent Cookie Calendar – Such a cute twist on the traditional advent calendar and the best part is you get it eat it! Yummm

2. Mini Wreath Cards — Aren’t they just the cutest! Can’t you imagine having your gifts wrapped beautifully in brown paper and having this little evergreen card swinging from it?  I’ve even got Rosemary growing in my little herb garden.  Perfect!

3. Mistletoe — So I can get heaps of kisses from the Husby during the holiday season! xx

4. Pompom Wrap — It wouldn’t matter if it was just a piece of coal if it was wrapped in this adorable wrapping paper from Anthropologie, I’d still love it.

5. Cinnamon Buns — Nothing is more Christmas-y than cinnamon!  I want to have these ready to put in the oven for our first Christmas morning together.  *eep I can’t wait!

6. Stockings — We don’t have a fireplace at our house {not very many places in Brisbane do} so I think this is such a cute, alternative idea to hanging up stockings!

7. Bomb Collins Cocktail – Here is Australia we have stinking hot Christmas’ {a lovely, humid 98 degrees -blah} so it’s none of that delicious mulled wine for us… make it a refreshing cocktail like this one and we’re in! The peach and sage just sounds delicious!

8. Reindeer Mantle Piece — Like I said earlier, we don’t have a mantle piece but I think this would be adorable on a coffee table as well.  I just love it, especially with the reindeer!

What do you think? Do you have any ‘non-Christmas Tree’ ideas or inspiration you could share with me?

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  1. I love the advent calender cookies, but not sure if I could stop myself from eating them all in one!

    I just made an advent calender for my Mr. Super proud of it :D

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