Easter Treats

Easter Roundup

Easter is this weekend! Wahooo for the four day holiday and, of course, spending time with friends and family, doing this, doing that, yadi yadi yah BUT the holiday! Wahooo ;)

If you haven’t gone out to do your Easter shopping or can’t bear the thought of looking/buying another Easter Egg {and tackling those crowds} it’s not to late to whip up these gorgeous Easter treats that I have been eyeing off! Gosh some people are so creative, I just love it. I know I will certainly be doing some Easter baking {specifically, my Loaded Fruit & Chocolate Hot Cross Buns} before Sunday. Do you have any delicious Easter baking planned? xx

  1. Bunny Sugar Cookies
  2. Bunny Tails
  3. Birds Nest
  4. Easter Bunny Log Cake
  5. Strawberry Carrots
  6. Speckled Egg Cake
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